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We Cannot Accept Cash; The Computer is Down

I tried to give cash to the cashier to pay for my gas.  It took me a few tries to process her words.  “The computer is down, so we can’t accept cash.  You’ll have to use a card.”  Bizarre.  Post-modern?  … Continue reading

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The Liberated versus Organic Individual

Patrick Deneen discusses the atomization of the individual here.  He shares the interesting insight that liberalism seeks the atomization of the individual, not to make the individual a slave to the state, but to liberate the individual from all restriction … Continue reading

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Distributism: An Anti-Modern Ideology for the Modern World

Earlier this week, I took part in a conversation about global economics and politics.  I found myself so far outside of the assumptions of the other participants that we had difficulty communicating.  Although the other people were critical of capitalism … Continue reading

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