Next customer please.

I have noticed over the last few years a change in how cashiers hand me my change and receipts.  It used to be that a cashier would hand you the receipt, bills, and coins separately, giving you time to place the bills in your wallet, the coins in your pocket, or whatever you needed to do.  Now, cashiers, especially younger ones, drop the receipt, bills, and coins into your hand all at once.  It feels like, when he or she shoves the receipt, bills, and coins into my hand, that cashier is telling me to get the hell out of the way and make room for the next customer.  In the past, we had more patience and would wait while the customer ahead of us put away whatever a cashier handed him or her.  Now we expect the customer to move away and take care of it elsewhere, presumably while his arms are already full of bags of groceries and he doesn’t even have a free hand.  Why?  I have two hypotheses, which are not mutually exclusive.

1. People are less used to paying with cash now.  Many people use debit cards even for purchases of just a few dollars.  Moreover, they often do not even take a receipt.  Consequently, people are less familiar with handling receipts, bills, and coins and do so awkwardly when working as cashiers.

2. The rise of high-speed internet and immediate access to it through phones has accustomed us to immediate results.  We expect the same one-click service even when dealing with other people in public.

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