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Single-Payer Health Care in Pennsylvania

There’s not much I like about ObamaCare.  For example, it is creating a national database.  Supposedly it’s up to us and our doctors what goes in there, but doctors will be pressured by the loss of Medicare payments if they … Continue reading

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Being Realistic About Israel and Palestine

Countries in conflict invariably use exaggeration, lies, and deception to gain both domestic and international support for their interests. So it is unsurprising that Israel and Palestine are doing so in their ongoing conflict. But for us Americans, it is … Continue reading

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4th of July Edition: Neoliberalism and the Decline of Patriotism

Polling indicates that the majority of Americans are still proud of their country. But patriotism has certainly declined since the late 1960s.  I suspect this varies greatly by class and region, with the greatest decline being in the North and … Continue reading

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