My Favorite World War III Films

I posted my favorite World War III books last time.  Today I list some interesting WWIII films.  They are all available on YouTube.

The_War_Game_FilmPosterThe War Game (BBC, 1965).  This film shows the inadequacy of British civil defense in the face of nuclear attack.  On the other hand, in retrospect, it shows how much better developed British civil defense was than its American counterpart.


ThedayafterThe Day After (ABC, 1983). This film shows the characters’ struggle for survival in Kansas after a nuclear strike.  This film holds special meaning for me.  I didn’t get to see it when it was first broadcast on TV.  I was too young.  Our schools sent home notes telling our parents not to let us watch it; that it would be too frightening for us.  This film helped change the course of the Cold War.  President Reagan, who had accepted Carter’s vision of winnable nuclear wars started to change his mind after watching this film.  It prepared him for the fallout from Able-Archer 83, after which he decided he didn’t understand Soviet intentions and needed to start talking with them.  He and Gorbachev then brought about the second detente that ended the Cold War.

Countdown_to_Looking_Glass_CoverCountdown to Looking Glass (HBO, 1984).  This is a series of news reports about the downward spiral of American-Soviet relations leading up to a nuclear war.  Both we and the Soviets had no-first-strike policies throughout most of the Cold War.  This film tries to show, however, how things could’ve gone poorly anyway.


ThreadsmoviecoverThreads (BBC, 1984).  This is a seriously dark film about Britain after a thermonuclear war.  It follows some characters from the initial reports of a growing conflict between Americans and Soviets over Iran, through the first blasts, and on to the rebuilding of a medieval existence.


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