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Scientific Authority in the Age of Ebola

American liberals are cultivating an interesting rhetoric that demands subservience to scientific authority. This rhetoric is most prominent regarding global warming and teaching of evolution. But it has now spread to compulsory vaccination and Ebola quarantines. I suspect liberals cultivated … Continue reading

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What are they Selling? Our Singular Facebook and Google Identities

Susan Cox wrote about how Facebook demands of us a single identity tied to our “real” name.  Facebook’s policy became public controversy when it started banning people they suspected of using fake names, including those people who might have had very … Continue reading

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Lost in the Mail: Mountain Glaciers Versus Rain in a Walmart Parking Lot

I experienced a shock at my post office this morning.  I was served by the same guy I always see there.  He told me that his thirty year-old son just sent his FIRST item by mail recently. Here’s the deal. … Continue reading

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Private Property and Independence: More of Both, Fewer Corporations

After my last two posts, you might assume I’m a leftist. I spoke favorably of labor unions as important for our freedom and basic quality of life.  I also recognize that greater economic equality will make us all freer because … Continue reading

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Labor Unions are Like Sunrises: What Did You Expect to Happen?

Here is a second post inspired by watching Pride on Sunday. It mystifies me when I hear people, especially working-class people, complain about unions.  Living in an industrial society and hating labor unions is like living on Earth and hating the … Continue reading

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Pride and Solidarity: When London Gays and Welsh Miners Meet

Jo and I watched Pride at the County Theatre in Doylestown this afternoon.  This film could’ve easily been a pat-ourselves-on-the-back-we’re-so-progressive-now-after-school-special movie, but it wasn’t.  It said something solid about solidarity. Pride is a dramatization of the relationship between the London … Continue reading

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Go to Class! And other Strategies for How to Succeed in College

College students: I just started a new blog with tips on how to succeed in your classes.  Please visit Go to Class!.  And please follow it on WordPress, Twitter, or email.  Pass on the link to your classmates.

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Technology Makes the Harshness of Life Invisible

Yesterday, I asked some questions about how I (or you) might act, consume, and dispose differently if the relationships between us and those who produce and dispose of the things we use were visible to us or if we had … Continue reading

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Technology Makes Relationships Invisible

Technology makes some things invisible.  This is true at least in the context of an industrial society, whether it be capitalist, communist, or anything else. For the above to be true, I must make clear that I mean technology in … Continue reading

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My Trash: How a Can Ties Me to Labor Disputes and Municipal Politics

This is my fifth article on the waste that I generate.  Please see the “Waste” category link for the others.  This time, I’m not going to talk about environmental issues.  This time, I’m going to talk about labor, the people … Continue reading

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