Sleep Paralysis and a Waking Terror

gremlinI was having a nightmare.  Gremlins were chasing me around an old house.  I awoke from the terror.  But, although my eyes were open, I couldn’t move.  This was more terrifying than my nightmare.  It got worse.  A small creature – one of the gremlins? – was sitting on a bookcase looking at me.  The creature faded away from my sight and I could move my muscles.

I was drifting off to sleep, but still moving in and out of consciousness.  I came out of sleep one more time and opened my eyes.  There, just inches from my own face, was the face of an old, terrifying woman.  She faded from my sight.

I awoke in my bedroom.  I was afraid and could not move.  I heard two quick clicks in my closet.  Then I heard them in the opposite corner of the room.  Then they came from the other side again, but closer to me.  The clicks went back and forth until the appeared just beside my ears.  At that point, I could scream and jumped up.  The clicking was gone.

The above were examples of hypnopompic sleep paralysis.  Most of the muscles attached to our skeleton go paralyzed while we sleep.  If they didn’t, we’d act out our dreams and probably hurt ourselves and others, not to mention not get a very restful sleep.  But sometimes we can awaken before the muscular paralysis wears off.

arte góticaFor some reason, when this happens, people experience terror and see frightening beings.  Some folks argue that this phenomenon is the source of old stories of succubi and new stories of alien abduction.  From my own experience, I can see how this could be.  I have yet to read of anyone else having auditory hallucinations like I did in my third example, but there it is.

I was inspired to write this post after coming across this, which I found through this.  Thanks A. W.

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4 Responses to Sleep Paralysis and a Waking Terror

  1. elusive73 says:

    I see, that sounded like the ‘old hag’. I myself have never had the old hag ‘on my chest’ as they say. Also Ive had the experience while laying on my belly or my side mainly.. so nobody would be sitting on my chest. What Ive noticed is in the old days people knew it as the old hag and incubus / succubus. Nowadays it seems to have upgraded, so many will now see aliens, maybe we see whatever our mind is capable of creating ? Checkout my blog again Ive updated another piece and added a video you may or may not have seen. New link here


    • jonsonmiller says:

      Thanks for the link. It’s funny how certain types seem to keep popping up, even among people who’ve never heard of sleep paralysis. I’ve also seen an owl (a very wicked owl) staring at me. Apparently other people have as well.


      • elusive73 says:

        I was pretty sure it was an owl as it flew out of the window but I didn’t include it in my post this time. Symbolical of enlightenment are owls. I just read your practicing Hindu blog, great stuff. Hindus know about this Sleep Paralysis? do they call it something like ‘The Waking Dream’ ? They say it happens to those on the enlightenment road? Well I read that somewhere. So much on my mind I’l save it for blogs.


  2. elusive73 says:

    Agh sorry.. just noticed I didnt name the page link –


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