More Genocidal Islamophobia

Last month, I tried to help Oklahoma state representative John Bennett work through the logic of his Islamophobic speech.  I figured that, based on what he said, he would have to advocate one of four policies: Forced conversion of all American Muslims, mass expulsion of all American Muslims, put all American Muslims in concentration camps, or murder every American Muslim.

Unfortunately, the folks at Charisma Magazine have offered a fifth proposal that I didn’t think of: forced sterilization of all American Muslims.  You’ll now have to read their article here, because they removed it from their site after the unsurprising backlash.  The author advocates as possible policies sterilization, along with genocide and mass expulsion.  Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is apparently less creative that the author.  He said we [Who is “we”?”] must either “kill or convert” Muslims.

Again, these folks might not be actually murdering anyone, but they are ideologically indistinguishable from ISIS, whom they see as representative of all Muslims everywhere.

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