Decline of Hudson Bay Polar Bears

Here are the two key sentences from Lindsay Abrams’s article on the decline of polar bears in Hudson Bay:

We’ve lost one-third of the bears.

[T]he overall population of Hudson Bay polar bears has declined by  32 percent since the 1980s. And that decline, said [University of Alberta biologist Andrew] Derocher. ”is directly related to the earlier break-up and later freeze-up of sea ice.”

Opponents of action use uncertainty to ensure inaction. What does that tell us about them? Armstrup has their number.

Derocher: “Many people want to focus on the uncertainty in near term projections,” [Polar Bear International chief scientist Steven] Amstrup added. “But that uncertainty only matters if we don’t care about what kind of world we are leaving for the future. We need to keep people focused on the certainty that ultimately, sea ice and polar bears will be lost.”


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