CREATING Her Own Physical Therapy

Here is an interview with my sister-in-law about her artwork. She taught Jo and me how to make pottery when we visited her. My cat still eats from the bowl I made him.

Maximize Health, Maximize Life

Cheryl jan 18 15 b

This is Cheryl. She is a potter and jewelry maker.

She is also one of my personal heroes.  Not only because she is creative and does beautiful work (or because we’ve been friends since kindergarten and she married the best brother in the world). But, because she is unstoppable. Her love affair with clay did not begin until AFTER a life altering car accident in 2009. After she suffered a torn cervical artery in her brain stem; a location “too risky” to operate on.  After having to learn to walk, talk, eat, and swallow again. After a lengthy hospital stay.  After her eight hour days of guided physical, occupational, and speech therapy were about to end.

First steps july 09

Jo: Once you returned home, what inspired your brilliant idea to choose pottery as your personal physical therapy of choice?

Cheryl: I wanted to do something other than the boring putting-blocks-on-top-of-each-other exercise. I wanted…

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