New Publications: Building Drexel

drexel125I wrote one chapter and co-authored another in a new history of my own Drexel University.  Temple University Press published Building Drexel: The University and Its City, 1891-2016 in November.  My chapter is “Drexel’s Vietnam War,” which is about how the university community experienced the war.  I also co-authored “Continuous Reinvention: A History of Engineering Education at Drexel University.”

This was a fun project.  I got to poor over old pictures, documents, and student newspapers from the institution I spend so much time at.  They were full of surprises.

Here’s one take away from “Drexel’s Vietnam War:”  Why didn’t Drexel unite behind the US government to support the Vietnam War, the way it did for World Wars I and II?  Because the US government didn’t ask it to.

Update: See my lecture on “Drexel’s Vietnam War” here.

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