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Santa Claus’s Most Ancient Gift

Harvard mythologist Michael Witzel argues in Origins of the World’s Mythologies that there are two great myth families: the Laurasian myths of the peoples of Eurasia, much of Africa, and the Americas and the Gondwanan myths of the peoples of parts of … Continue reading

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Kelpius’s Cave, Philadelphia

The Cave of Kelpius is one of the great oddities of southeast Pennsylvania.  Here, in the 1690s, Johannes Kelpius meditated while awaiting the Second Coming of Christ.  Enjoy a short hike in a small wood and visit this piece of … Continue reading

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Scientific Authority in the Age of Ebola

American liberals are cultivating an interesting rhetoric that demands subservience to scientific authority. This rhetoric is most prominent regarding global warming and teaching of evolution. But it has now spread to compulsory vaccination and Ebola quarantines. I suspect liberals cultivated … Continue reading

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More Genocidal Islamophobia

Last month, I tried to help Oklahoma state representative John Bennett work through the logic of his Islamophobic speech.  I figured that, based on what he said, he would have to advocate one of four policies: Forced conversion of all … Continue reading

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From Hinduism to Buddhism: The Importance of the Sangha

Buddhists identify the sangha – or community – as one of the Three Jewels or Refuges of Buddhism.  Many Hindu teachers likewise emphasize the importance of satsang or good company.  In my experience, they’re right to do so.  A supporting … Continue reading

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Someone Remove Muslim-Hating John Bennett from Office

Oklahoma state Representative John Bennett’s  statements are more horrible and significant than press coverage indicates. Last week, Bennett spoke to a hundred of his constituents.  He told them that Muslims are “a cancer that must be cut out of American … Continue reading

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Fearlessness: The Wizard and the Witch

John C. Sulak, The Wizard and the Witch: An Oral History of Oberon Zell and Morning Glory (Woodbury, Minnesota; Llewellyn, 2014. My partner Jo said to me on Sunday, “We can do anything we want.”  This wasn’t in response to … Continue reading

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