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The Anatomy of Trumpism, Part VII: Democracy

Read Parts I: Foundations II: Dilettante III: Liberal Delusions IV: Conservative Complicity V: Violence VI: By Definition VII: Democracy Why did you expect anything else? I intended to end this series by talking about the inherent instability of democracies (like … Continue reading

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The Unnecessary Decline of Main Street

The American Conservative has focused much attention on “localism” and “new urbanism” over the last few years. This has been one of my favorite developments in this magazine. I refer here to two new articles from the magazine. The average American … Continue reading

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War Comes Home

Wars create change Something I try to impress upon my students when I discuss wars: Wars create change.  They don’t just change borders (Franco-Prussian War), change governments (Iraq War), or destroy old empires (World War I).  They change the societies … Continue reading

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